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we are looking for electricians in Bristol to join our team

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Are you a skilled electrician looking for new opportunities in the Bristol area? MJP Electrical is actively seeking experienced electricians to join our network of subcontractors.

Why Work with MJP Electrical?

At MJP Electrical, we understand the challenges of being a self-employed electrician. That’s why we offer numerous benefits to our subcontractors:

  1. Consistent Work: Say goodbye to the stress of finding your next job. We provide a steady stream of projects in and around Bristol, ensuring you have work when you need it.

  2. Top Rates: We value your expertise, which is why we offer competitive rates for skilled electricians. Your hard work deserves fair compensation.

  3. No Quoting Required: Tired of spending hours preparing quotes for potential clients? With MJP Electrical, we handle all client interactions and quoting processes, so you can focus on what you do best: electrical work.

  4. Prompt Payments: Forget about chasing down payments from clients. We prioritise timely payments to our subcontractors, ensuring you get paid promptly for your work.

  5. Supplier Relationships: Negotiating with suppliers for materials can be time-consuming. As a subcontractor with MJP Electrical, you’ll benefit from our established supplier relationships, saving you time and hassle.

  6. Less hassle: Not having to deal with time-wasters

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Ready to join our team of subcontractors? Click the button below to access our application form and take the first step toward exciting opportunities with MJP Electrical.

Note: All subcontractors must be self-employed and possess relevant qualifications and certifications.


To view our policies, accreditations and T’s & C’s please click here.


We are always looking for good Electricians. To apply, click here.

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