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Is your home at risk from faulty wiring? Two-thirds of buyers in Bristol and Bath fail to check electrics or better still get an EICR when purchasing a property

Two-thirds of the homes purchased in Bristol and Bath in the last two years have not been checked for electrical safety, a charity has warned.

Electrical Safety First says homebuyers mistakenly believe a survey will check the electrics, leaving them at risk of high bills, electric shock or fire.

Buyers are instead being urged to get a Homebuyer Electrical Installation Condition Report https://www.mjpelectrical.com/homebuyers-eicrs-bristol-bath/

The survey by Electrical Safety First claimed this means 67 per cent have failed to check their electrics.

The cost of remedying electrical issues after moving in averages approximately £2,000, according to the charity, with some costs rising as high as £10,000.

Davids Story
David bought his first house last year and was excited to get onto the property ladder. However, he explains that his good vibe was short-lived:

“A few months after moving in my lights started sparking so once I had managed to switch it off I called an electrician over for some advice. I’ve now had to fork out almost £8,000 to cover the cost of the damage and to rewire the entire house. I can’t help thinking that all this could have been avoided if I had just had an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) done before buying my home”

The average cost to fix an electrical problem identified after moving into a property is £1,704. But as David’s story shows, it could be much higher. And as around 70 people die and 350,000 are seriously injured as a result of electricity each year, you could be saving more than just money by getting the electrics checked.

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