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Have you got your fire lit yet?

Now the weather is turning cold and wintry, it is lovely to snuggle up for an evening and light the fire to stay warm. We also love a real fire too, but did you know that the UK’s Fire & Rescue services attended over 100,000 house fires last year* and that having open fires in the home accounts for a large proportion of these incidents?

Why risk the lives of you, your pets, and your loved ones? By fitting a CO detector, that can detect the slightest emission of Carbon Monoxide leaking into the room, you reduce the risks of inhalation of dangerous smoke and poisonous gases. Carbon Monoxide doesn’t smell, has any taste, and is extremely deadly. Reduce the risk today.

MJP Electrical can fit both CO alarms and smoke alarms that are hard-wired into your homes electrical systems. Or for more convenience, we can fit battery operated devices. Whether you are young, old, own your home or not, don’t take your health and safety for granted. Get in touch with MJP Electrical today to see how we can help.

*Source: Gov.uk

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