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What Does An EICR Cover?

An EICR is a much more in-depth check when compared to the simple visual checks that are carried out. You might compare a visual check as being a surface check whereas an EICR covers much more detailed, and often hidden parts of the electrical system within your home.

According to the British Standard Of Electrical Safety (BS 7176), there are various observations that your electrician will need to make as he or she completes the EICR check. At the end of the check, if everything is satisfactory, you will receive a certificate declaring that the electrical installation is fit for continued use. If there are any issues, then you may be given one of the following codes.

  • Code C3 is the least severe but should serve as a warning to the homeowner that there is potential danger. However, this observed danger is not immediate nor does the electrician believe that it will cause any serious problems in the near future. That being said, homeowners should think very carefully about having the problem addressed before it becomes more significant, therefore, enhancing the safety of their electrical circuits.
  • Code C2 is given when the electrician notes an issue within the electrical system that doesn’t pose an immediate threat but could become quickly dangerous should a fault occur within the system or any of the connected appliances.
  • Code C1 is the most critical and should not be ignored. When you receive this code after an EICR, your electrician will be telling you that there is a significant and dangerous problem within your installation that requires attention as soon as possible. It is important to keep in mind that, while further electrical work may cause disruption, it is vital to ensure the safe use of the equipment. Failure to address the issue could result in injury, fire and even death.

Once your EICR has been checked, particularly if your property has been given C1 or C2 warnings, you may have a lot of questions. This is completely understandable and your electrician will be happy to discuss your options with you. While there is no legal obligation to have your electrical

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