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Finding The Right Energy Supplier - important if you want to charge your Electric Vehicle at home

Finding The Right Energy Supplier – important if you want to charge your Electric Vehicle at home

If you’re money savvy, then you will probably already be aware that regularly comparing and potentially changing energy tariffs is a great way to save a few pounds. It isn’t always the case that you will get a better deal, but it is certainly worth looking into. While it is entirely possible to switch provider as often as every 28 days, we wouldn’t suggest this for two reasons:

  • You may be charged an early cancellation fee by your current provider.
  • You’ll spend a lot of unnecessary time comparing deals and contacting suppliers.

That being said, checking out new deals every six months could be beneficial. Often, suppliers are competing with one another to bring customers the best value on their energy bills so you will find a lot of lucrative offers online.

The problem is that many of these suppliers are among the ‘big six’ British providers, yet there are many smaller energy suppliers offering just as good deals. Using a price comparison website is an excellent way to source deals that you may not have otherwise been aware of. Furthermore, some of these deals may be geared towards EV owners who will be using significantly more power than a home without this type of equipment.

One of the most popular examples of this is the Octopus energy tariff designed specifically for those with an EV charger at home, This tariff sees prices drop between the hours of 12am and 4am, where prices fall to 5p per kW.

Our next article looks at The 3 types of EV Charging.

Electric Car Charging Points

MJP Electrical can now fit home charging stations for your all-electric or plug-in hybrid car at your home. What does this mean to you?

  • More convenient
  • Future proofed
  • Faster charging
  • Expert installation
  • 3 Year OLEV enabled Charging Point Manufacturer warranty
  • Government grant towards the cost
Rolec home EV charger

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