Benefits of MJP Electrical EV charging point  Installation

  • Faster home charging for your electric vehicle
  • A wall fixed charging solution for your convenience; A future proofed installation allowing all makes and models to charge on the charge point
  • Expert Installation by a fully-trained and certified MJP Electrician, for your peace of mind
  • A 16/32 amp Charging Point that is universal for all vehicles, giving you faster and more convenient charging at home.
  • Home suitability survey to enable your charging point installation with no hidden extras. Survey and standard installation* is undertaken by a fully-trained and certified MJP Employee prior to installation
  • Installation of a dedicated circuit, separate from your home electrical circuit, allowing for faster and safer charging that won’t affect your home wiring
  • The installation of an Earth Rod, to prove compliance with the Code Of Practice for Electrical vehicles and BS7671:2018.
  • A competitive 3 Year OLEV enabled Charging Point Manufacturer warranty including Parts and Labour.
  • Charging Point installed to BS7671:2018.
  • Benefits of the MJP Electrical EV charging point Tethered Installation:

To receive this OLEV funding, you will need

  1. To provide evidence of ownership of, or access to, a plug-in vehicle in order to be able to qualify for the governments subsidised funding scheme
  2. Off-Street parking
  3. Suitability of the proposed site for the installation services (the surveyor will advise on this)
  4. Permission from the homeowner or landlord if you don’t own the property
  5. If the Charging Point is to be located in a garage, the garage must be physically attached to the main building unless it has its own power supply with sufficient capacity to support your 16 amp or 32 amp rated charger
  6. You have not claimed for the OLEV grant prior to your application.

What is “Standard Installation”?

  • The chosen WallPod Charge Point Tethered or Untethered
  • A maximum run of 10 metres from the source of supply (consumer unit) to charge point (not including external containment or steel wire armour (SWA))
  • The property’s consumer unit must be RCD protected and have a spare way for protecting the outgoing charge point circuit
  • Cable to be surface mounted – clipped direct
  • No ground works
  • The property must have an earthing arrangement complying with current regulations or we will include the installation of an Earth Rod
  • The property must have main protective bonding in place if required to the gas meter and water stop cock.
  • The property must be able to support the addition of the new charge point to the existing supply cut out.
  • The homeowner must comply with all current OLEV Domestic Scheme Terms and Conditions (see OLEV Website)

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