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Can I Install An Electric Car Charging Point At Home?

One of the most wonderful conveniences of modern-day life is the invention of the electric car. There are many reasons why this type of car is favoured over its fuel-powered cousin, one of the main being its far smaller carbon footprint.

Furthermore, cars of this nature do not require as much maintenance or running fees – once the initial outlay is made, of course. They are also excellent in ensuring that natural resources are not permanently depleted.

However, since the domestic use of these vehicles is still in its advent, many electric car owners are reliant on public charging points. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is incredibly time-consuming.

Many first time owners of electric vehicles find themselves unsure as to whether installing an electric car charging point at home is a viable idea and if it is even permitted. In this article, we are going to look into this in a little more depth.

What Is An At Home Car Charging Point?

An at-home car charging point is usually fitted to an exterior wall and is fully water and weatherproof. As part of the unit, you will find a connecting socket, into which your car-charging cable will fit. It is essential to keep in mind that the type of line that came with your car will need to match up with the connector on the charger, so be sure to look at this before installation, however, whoever installs your charging point should ensure that this is clarified.

Many companies offer a fitting service, and it is imperative that you take advantage of this and never attempt to fit the charger yourself as it requires specialist knowledge and Electrical Qualifications. Failure to fit a charging unit incorrectly can lead to injury or even death if not fitted correctly.

What Are The Advantages Of An Electric Car?

We have touched on some of the advantages of electric vehicles, and when you look at how many there are, it isn’t difficult to see why this is the car of the future, provided that owners are able to charge their vehicles easily.

  • Electric cars are much better for the environment, thanks to the lack of emissions and less reliance on fossil fuels.
  • They operate at a much lower decibel level, and some are even silent. However, there is some concern that this could be potentially dangerous for pedestrians, so there is now a requirement that newer models are fitted with a device that will draw attention to their presence.
  • Whilst electric cars may be slightly more expensive to purchase, once this cost has been paid, the running costs are much less. For example, pure electric vehicles will not be charged any road tax, and of course, you are saving on the cost of fuel.
  • Electric vehicles are considered to be much safer, and this is thanks, in part to their lower center of gravity which means that they are not as likely to roll in a collision but also owing to their durability. Furthermore, the lack of flammable fuel implies that fires are far less likely than with petrol or diesel vehicles.

Can I Install An Electric Car Charging Point At Home?

In short, yes, you can install a car charging point at your domestic property, however, this isn’t always a cheap installation, and you should be prepared to part with at least £1000 to get up and running.

All electric vehicles will come with a type 1 charging cable which is compatible with the car. The end that plugs into the charger itself will, for the most part, be universal so you are able to charge the vehicle at powerpoints around the country. This provides you with the opportunity to use the non-rapid charging feature.

Installing a charging point at home will mean that you won’t ever have to worry about getting the car to a powerpoint before it runs out of juice. More importantly, these modern innovations come with many safety features that give you the peace of mind that using them won’t be a hazard.

Rolec home EV charger

The Cost Of An Electric Car Charging Point

Electric car charging points are quite expensive, and this is certainly something that has caused many car drivers to steer clear of these more eco-friendly vehicles. Whilst this may be something that could be cost upwards of £1000, there is a way to get these chargers for less through the OLEV Grant.

When looking to install a charging port for your EV at home, one of the first things that you should look into is whether or not you are eligible for the OLEV grant, which could drastically lower the cost of your installation.

What Is An OLEV Grant And How Do I Get One?

The OLEV (Office for Low-Emission Vehicles) grant is an initiative scheme run by the British government to encourage people to switch to low-emission vehicles by offering them up to £350 off an at-home electric car charger. It is important to note that the grant will pay for as much as 75% of the installation fee, but it is capped at £350.

This is excellent news for all EV owners but particularly those on a lower income who would like the opportunity to take advantage of this type of vehicle.

Up until April 2020, the OLEV grant gave applicants a slightly higher amount of money off their purchase – up to £500, in some instances, but this has since been lowered to £350. However, if you live in Scotland, there is an additional grant which could see you saving a further £300 off the installation.

Additionally, if you are running two electric vehicles from one home, you may be able to apply for two grants in order to install two charging points.

For businesses or other commercial establishments, there is a separate OLEV grant which can be used to install multiple car charging points in the workplace, with a maximum of 40 points per application.

Am I Eligible?

If you have brought a plug-in hybrid or EV after October 2016, you may be eligible to apply for an OLEV grant. Furthermore, those who rent an EV are able to apply after six months of leasing the car.

However, there are certain restrictions that mean not all-electric vehicle owners will qualify for the grant. These are as follows:

  • Your home parking must be off-street.
  • The charge point installer must be OLEV-approved, MJP Electrical are OLEV Approved installers.
  • The charge point itself must also be approved by the OLEV scheme.
  • You cannot install the charge point more than four months before coming into possession of the vehicle.
  • If you own a fully electric vehicle, you will likely be eligible, provided that you meet the above criteria. However, owners of vehicles with more than 50g/kg emissions will not be permitted to take advantage of the grant.

How Do I Apply?

If you’re the owner of a brand new EV (Electric Vehicle) and you have met the application criteria, you’ll likely be eager to apply for this money-saving opportunity.

Using the Government Website, you will have instant access to their OLEV guidance as well as information on all of the eligible vehicles and information on how to apply. However, you can apply for the grant directly MJP Electrical who would be pleased to offer further guidance.


Electric vehicles are a fantastic alternative to fuel-powered vehicles since they are much more eco-friendly, give off less noise pollution and are cheaper to run in the long-term. That being said, many people have been put off the idea of owning an EV due to the lack of charging options.

Whilst there are many more charging points popping up all over the country, this still means having to travel to top up your battery. The convenience of having an at-home electric car charging point could be a real game-changer for many EV owners. However, this isn’t a cheap process, so while there is the opportunity to install such a device at home, it isn’t always affordable.

The government offers a scheme known as the OLEV grant which enables EV owners to claim as much as 75% or £350 off the cost of a car charger installation. There are some criteria that you must meet, but overall, it is relatively laid back and could save you a lot of money.

Electric Car Charging Points

MJP Electrical can now fit home charging stations for your all-electric or plug-in hybrid car at your home. What does this mean to you?

  • More convenient
  • Future proofed
  • Faster charging
  • Expert installation
  • 3 Year OLEV enabled Charging Point Manufacturer warranty
  • Government grant towards the cost
Rolec home EV charger

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