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Prioritise Your Household Safety with Expert Consumer Unit Replacement in Bristol

When it comes to the safety of your household, replacing your When it comes to the safety of your household, replacing your old fuse box or consumer unit is a crucial step. At MJP Electrical, we offer professional consumer unit replacement and house rewiring services in Bristol to ensure the efficient distribution of electricity throughout your home.

The Importance of a Fuse Box: Understanding Electrical Consumer Units

The fuse box or electrical consumer unit acts as the heart of your home’s electrical system. It divides the incoming electricity into different circuits, supplying power to your lighting fixtures and wall socket outlets. Learn more about how often a consumer unit should be checked.

Prioritise Safety with a Free Fusebox Consumer Unit Safety Check

Over time, outdated fuse boxes may not meet today’s safety standards. To ensure the safety of your household, we recommend getting our FREE Safety Check. Our expert electricians will thoroughly assess your fusebox consumer unit and provide you with valuable insights into its condition and safety level. If you encounter any issues, our fault finding blog can help identify and resolve them, or just give us a call!

Benefit from Modern Standards: Upgrade Your Electrical Consumer Unit

By replacing your old fuse box, you can benefit from the advancements in electrical technology and safety regulations. Upgrading to a new consumer unit will enhance the protection of your home against electrical hazards. Discover the 5 reasons to replace a consumer unit.

Professional Consumer Unit Replacement Services in Bristol

Book a VIP Visit for Consultation: Our experienced electricians can visit your property, assess your current fuse box, and provide personalised recommendations for replacement. Book a VIP visit to receive expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Get a Free Remote Estimate: If you prefer a remote option, we also offer a free estimate service. Simply provide us with relevant details, and our team will assess your fuse box remotely and provide you with an estimate for replacement.

We offer two levels of service in terms of quotations and estimates. Details and booking links are below:

Gold Level


Welcome to the Fast Track VIP System, this is ideal if you're after a super-fast quote on the works to be undertaken, with a nominal £66 charge. For this, you get an experienced electrician turning up at your property within 48-hours to discuss your entire project with you in full detail, provide you with advice, and leave you with a precise cost for the entire project to be undertaken. Better yet, the £66 fee is taken upfront BUT then deducted from your bill at the end, meaning the Fast Track VIP Quote actually costs you nothing!
£ 66.00 Incl. VAT
  • Electrician visit within 48 hours
  • More accurate quotation
  • Up front charge of ¬£66

Silver Level

Free Remote Estimate

Get your old fusebox updated with a new 18th edition consumer unit complete with the latest safety protection available today. We will need photos and as much detail as possible to be sent for us to review. On some occasions this may not be enough, and an onsite visit will be recommended after review. You will enter queue system where we aim to review and send your remote estimate between 48 hours and 2 weeks.
  • No Survey to Book
  • Photos to be supplied by you
  • Quote returned within 2 weeks

*materials not included in call-out charge

Speak to an advisor if you need an urgent response

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Download our FREE Guide - 5 Reasons to Update your Old Fuse Box

Our guide covers the benefits of fitting a new Consumer Unit to replace your old and potentially dangerous fuse box. It includes details regarding the added benefits to fitting a new Consumer Unit in terms of safety, cost and reducing risks.

Take a look at your free guide, 5 Reasons to Update your Old Fuse Box  today.


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Frequently asked questions

Let us answer your important questions

A: The consumer unit is the heart of your electrical system, and comes in many shapes and sizes. The unit distributes the electricity, via fuses or circuit breakers, to the different circuits such as sockets or lighting. Modern consumer units are designed to help reduce electrical risks by incorporating Residual Current Devices (RCDs). In the event if an electrical fault, these devices disconnect the electrical supply thus reducing the risk of electric shock or fire. Miniature circuit breakers also make resetting the system more convenient than replacing old style fuse-wire.

A: A Consumer Unit or Fuse board is the single most important electrical device in any building. It protects electrical appliances from damage and more importantly, human beings from electrical shock.

A: The cost of installing a new consumer unit is around £250 to £600. However, this may increase if you require an electrical installation condition report, as this normally costs around £100 to £300 depending on the size of your property.

A: 8hrs inclusive of testing and certification.

A: You should contact us if you suspect that any of the following may apply to your old fusebox

  1. The fuse-board cover is missing
  2. The fuse-board is damaged
  3. There are any exposed live parts
  4. The fuse-board is showing signs of over-heating
  5. The fuse-board is overloaded
  6. RCD protection is not provided

A: A¬†fuse box¬†and a¬†consumer unit¬†serve the¬†same¬†purpose. They distribute electricity in your house through multiple circuits and instantly turn the power off whenever a power overload occurs on one of the circuits, which is commonly known as ‚Äútripping‚ÄĚ

A: In short No. Unsafe Yes, Non-compliant with the current regulations (BS7671:2008) If the fusebox is old and has fuse wire type fuses, it is worth upgrading it, as modern ones have RCD protection built in, which will literally save your life in the event of a fault.

A: Basically speaking, any¬†consumer unit¬†without an¬†RCD¬†needs an¬†upgrade. This doesn’t always mean a whole new¬†consumer unit¬†so it is essential you speak to a registered, qualified electrician who can decide what needs to be done


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5 Reasons to Update Your Old Fuse box

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