LED Lighting


LED lighting benefits

11 advantages to LED lighting:

  1. LED power efficiency could reduce lighting bills by as much as 85%
  2. Low maintenance – saving you £100s each year on replacement lamps
  3. Improved light quality, instant full brightness and even distribution
  4. Over 50,000 hours of life expectancy
  5. Lower carbon emissions will reduce your carbon footprint
  6. Reduced fire hazard due to lower running temperatures
  7. Full spectrum of colour temperatures available for custom requirements
  8. Fully compatible, easy to retrofit and replace
  9. Flexible installation times by fully accredited installers
  10. Wide range of LED lighting products – with warranties of up to 5 years
  11. Energy efficient finance available with no upfront costs

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Our detailed proposals provide all the information you need to make an informed decision for your organisation:

  • Energy usage of existing lighting v. LED lighting
  • Savings in the first year and over five years
  • Comprehensive details of all LED luminaires proposed
  • DIALux designs following CIBSE recommendations for lux levels, etc.
  • Simple, 1-page summary of all costs and benefits

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