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In the world of electrics, there are a lot of phrases and abbreviations that can seem incredibly complicated if you have no prior experience. You’re not alone if you feel this way and when you are presented with the idea of an EICR, you might be wondering whether this has anything to do with electricals, whether it is a fancy new beauty treatment or something else entirely.

But in reality, an EICR is simply a check that is carried out by a qualified electrician that details the condition of any given electrical system. While this type of check was once an option, the government now sees it as so important to our safety, that in July 2020, new laws were brought in making it mandatory for landlords to have an EICR at least every five years.

Still, there is much more to learn about the Electrical Installation Condition Report and understanding what to expect is a great way to help you prepare for this type of work. In this guide, we will be looking at all aspects of an EICR and answering the most pressing questions that we are commonly asked.

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