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How Much Does An EICR Cost?

It can be easy to put off important electrical work such as an EICR certificate because of the fear of being heavily out of pocket at the end of it. The good news is that having an electrician carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report won’t cost you the earth. For just a couple of hundred pounds, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your electrical systems are up to standard.

Furthermore, when you consider how often the test needs to be done, the cost seems even more affordable. At MJP electrical, we aim to bring our clients the highest standard of work for the most reasonable prices. For your EICR, you can expect to pay £237 for up to 10 electrical circuits and this includes VAT. However, if you have more circuits, we charge an additional £18 for each of these.

In special circumstances, we are more than happy to discuss a bespoke quote. But one thing that we must point out is that a price cannot be put on the safety of you and your home.

One of the biggest fears of many homeowners and landlords is that the cost of any potential repairs could be devastating for your bank balance. But rest assured that any costs will be discussed with you in-depth before any further work is carried out. It can be useful, as a homeowner, to have some emergency savings for situations where urgent work needs to be carried out, if this is possible.

It is important to be wary of very low-cost EICR checks which some electricians offer. It is not unheard of for electricians to do an EICR at an incredibly low cost with a mind to boosting the cost of any remedial work. The problem is that when an EICR is performed, it is typically better to have the same electrician perform any fixes as it can be difficult for a third party to come along and give a quote after someone else has performed the initial EICR.

At MJP electrical, you can always feel confident that our prices are fair and we will never inflate our costs based on a lower EICR price. We are always transparent and upfront with what we do and the cost of our work will always be clear from beginning to end. If there is anything that we need to add, we will discuss this with you before making any changes to the service we are delivering.

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