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Why Do I Need An EICR?

As we go about our day to day lives, we tend not to think about the condition of our electrical installations. All too often, homeowners like you and I, don’t worry about this until it is too late. But who can blame you? Your electrical wiring is behind the walls and your consumer unit is often hidden away in a garage or cupboard; the only time you really think about it is when you have to go and flick on one of the switches.

It is easy to plug in your appliances and technology and forget about where the power is coming from. However, all it takes is one faulty wire or an out of date part of your system and you’ve got a very serious potential fire hazard.

While there is always a risk of danger where electricity is involved, these dangers can be hugely reduced by having a simple EICR check done. Without this, you are unlikely to ever be aware of any issues with the installation. Not to mention that catching problems in their earliest stages will mean that less work will need to be done compared to letting the problems escalate out of control.

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